Jewellery Cares & Maintenance

Key tips to maintain your jewellery

  • Ensure that you store each jewellery piece separately to ensure that there are no scratches due to the friction between each piece.
  • The jewellery pieces should never be got in contact with household chemicals, such as perfumes, bleaches, cosmetics etc. to ensure that there is no erosion of the surface.
  • Take the jewellery off when you indulge in home activities and swimming or sleeping.
  • Do not subject your jewellery to any sudden temperature changes, as it might lead to expansion and contraction, which might eventually lead to deformation or damage.
  • Do not store your jewellery in hot temperatures and avoid using it in hot temperature, especially when you are cooking.
  • When you sweat, it erodes the jewellery and hence, ensure that you clean it frequently during summers.

Tips for Cleaning

  • When you clean the jewellery, do it in a safe place, as you might end up losing it when you are doing it.
  • Make use of soft brushes and never use sharp objects to clean your jewelry.
  • When you use soaps, moisturizers etc. it hampers the optical properties of diamonds and other gems, resulting in dullness. Clean it when you use of any of the cosmetics.
  • If there is a lot of pollution that the jewellery is exposed to, seek professional services for cleaning.
  • Diamonds should be cleaned with a soft brush dipped in warm or mild detergent, before rinsing it using clean water.
  • The gemstones should not be exposed to chemicals, solvents etc. unless you are aware of it.
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