Brand introduction

We specialized in designing and manufacturing fine jewellery, is a fine jewellery sales company that integrates the selection of raw materials, processing technology and product marketing. Our production idea of diamond rings is that marriage for a lifetime is determined once one wears the ring. The brand manufactures jewellery products including diamond rings, necklaces,  bracelet and earrings etc. Each of which is given a unique soul by OKEUS.

Brand Story

Every single fine jewellery is the messenger of love. It was the creative idea of the founder, and he endowed each product with this idea. Selecting rough diamonds in the deep diamond mine with a persevering attitude, then carving and polishing the selected rough diamonds with unlimited enthusiasm. All the diamonds seemed to come alive in the hands of top craftsmen.

Advanced Techniques

Design is the soul of a product. A designer should be experienced and intelligent in the design process from carving to waxing. The designers in OKEUS all have over 10 years experience. The prototype may decide the status of the jewellery. OKEUS is exceptionally strict about this procedure, on the grounds that only a perfect design can demonstrate the elaborate identity of customers.


Strict control over temperature is required for diamond casting, during which the redundant parts are removed. This process requires rich experience and a meticulous attitude. Besides, the subsequent modification, assembling and polishing also need perfectionism and accuracy to ensure the brilliance of a diamond. OKEUS insists that no fault shall be made in each step. 


Based on the design needs, different embedding methods shall be adopted to perfectly present the brilliant and elegant posture of fine jewellery. The technological requirements, whether for prong setting, bezel setting, tension setting or pave setting, are stringent and exquisite so that jewellery can exude their confidence after they are carved and polished.

Fine Tradition
Cultural tradition

Enjoying the eternal vitality in the depths of the earth and counting the time from the cracks of rocks. However, when they are unearthed, they should set off another tide. Hardness is its character and eternity its faith. Just like the moon in the galaxy, the diamond has its glory. Diamond as it is, moreover, it is the soul of OKEUS, whose culture features the heritage of the initial faith. Just like the eternity of diamond, OKEUS, based on this culture, develops its high-end positioning.

Concept tradition

Love is flawless, and diamond allows for no defects. From the selection of raw materials to processing, from design to polishing, every diamond has to go through over a dozen strict procedures before they take on the natural beauty. OKEUS has strict requirements in selecting raw materials, that is, scant but refined, and hold the post without qualification. The design of OKEUS has dependably been on the frontier of fashion, leading the fashion trends in the jewellery industry. In the meantime, convincing people with high requirements on the craftsmanship, OKEUS is favoured by many ladies and nobles.

Consistent brand positioning

The picky attitude of OKEUS determines that the brand must be outstanding. OKEUS firmly believes that every girl is a princess and every boy a prince in a relationship, and when the two are ready for marriage, it’ll be a holy decision. The diamond represents the constancy of love and the most sincere promise between two lovers. As the messenger of love, OKEUS, with its noble and elegant attitude, gives a perfect interpretation of love.

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